Chiavari Chairs

Crystal Ice Chiavari Chairs

What’s the difference between an industry standard chiavari chair and our chiavari chair?  Luxury Lounge & Lighting’s chiavari chairs are 100% clear.  The elegant crystal ice chiavari chair will add a major “bling” factor to any special event.  With the absolute largest inventory of crystal ice chiavari chairs in the Southeast, we are ready to offer these chairs to a small or large event.

Why are they called “crystal ice chiavari chairs?”

Simple, our chairs allow light to shine through them and glimmer as though they are made of crystal.The chairs are as clear as ice! Choose from black or ivory cushions to go with your crystal ice chiavari chair.

Set Up and Break Down

In or out of Atlanta, our staff is prepared to set up and break down your crystal ice chiavari chairs. Unlike many other rental companies, Luxury Lounge & Lighting charges a flat rate for chairs and cushions. Our pricing includes delivery, set up, and break down.

Add crystal ice, clear chiavari chairs to make your reception or special event have a super modern look! Our crystal ice chiavari chairs are available for rent nationwide.

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