LED Screens

Audio/Visual Rentals

Audio/Visual Rentals
Come to Luxury Lounge & Lighting for all of your A/V needs.  We carry everything necessary to put a visual presentation or live simulcast together.  Choose from plasma screens, LED screens, front projection, rear projection, and big screens for your visual needs.

Plasma & LED screens are a great way to add an modern look while still accomplishing a great A/V production.  All of our screens are mounted to truss towers so your audience can view content above eye level with no obstructions.  The bright, rich colors of plasma and LED screens will be sure to capture your guests’ attention.

Our projector & screen packages are a great way for you to display any visual presentation large enough for even the largest of venues.  LLL offers front & rear projection big screens as well as screen draping for a complete look.  Our projectors are above industry standard, 6000 lumen BRIGHT machines that allow for clear images even in light surroundings.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Let Our A/V Team do it All!

Beyond screens and projectors, our team can handle everything in the back end including HD video cameras for your live simulcast (broadcast presentation on screen), computer slide shows, DVD or Blu-Ray video presentations, and everything in-between.

All of our A/V rentals include appropriate wiring and products to get the job done right.  Distribution amplifiers, scan converters, signal boosters, switches, video mixers…Luxury Lounge & Lighting will handle it all.